Software Development by Jaco Thiart South Africa

Hi, My name is Jaco Thiart, I engineer in developing software solutions as a software engineer, I'm a thinker all day, and I believe I can make a change in our world, with my experience in software development, microcontroller development, website development and app development. My company, called Jaco Thiart Engineering is based in Cape Town, South Africa. I was born and raised in a town called, Vredenburg, West Coast, South Africa. I do have a PS3 and a cat, called Katryn. Family to me is very important. Here is the chess game I wrote, so what are you waiting for, make your move, and please feel free to contact me regarding software development outsourcing business.


How to play?


  1. Click the white pawn or knight to start.
  2. Continue playing by clicking on the green indicator that is shown when the specified piece was clicked.

Time: 0s


I do Open Source Software in Python and Javascript. Here in Cape Town, South Africa as an South African I programmed the past 10 years and developed my software skills by learning and adapting to new methodologies. I also love to play Computer games and create my own. In my spare time I also create games, please try my Chess game I developed where I built an artificial intelligent robot to play against. In total I have finished playing 67 games on both PC, PS1, PSP and PS3.


I wrote a few Python software apps that were downloaded more than
80 000 times